What's should I know before ordering?

All orders are bespoke, made to order and produced by professional printers, minimising the use of materials and increasing the professional standards of your order.

Please for 'WHAT SHOULD I KNOW BEFORE ORDERING' for information of cancelling your order.

How can I cancel my order

Orders have a 2 days cancelation period from the moment you order. After 2 days you will not be able to cancel your order as it will be in production.

My order has turned up damaged, What should I do?

If your order has turned up damaged during transit or you believe the product has a fault, please send a photo of the damages to james@jameseverittphotography.com within 24hours of receiving your parcel.

Note a full refund is not guaranteed as the discussion of the product quality is at the discretion of the third party printers.

For more information email: james@jameseverittphotography.com

I want a photo as a product which isn't available, do you do other products?

If there is a photo you like and you'd like to have them as postcards etc. please email james@jameseverittphotography.com or text on WhatsApp and we will work together to get the customised product you'd like.

Why isn't there a photographers signature on framed photos?

As we allow for a wide range of customisability including positions (Crop factor) it would mean a signature would need to be continuous across the photographs, which would be an eyesore.

If you would like a certificate which you could attach to the back of the frame, please email: james@jameseverittphotography.com